Ciel Gloss

Ciel Gloss is an American singer, songwriter and guitarist based in Manhattan, New York. Her debut album Unnatural World is scheduled to be released November 28, 2018. The album features 10 tracks which range in genre from alternative to rap, new wave, gothic and punk.

“My point is to have different songs so that everyone can find something they relate to, “Ciel told producer Raphael Sepulveda when they first hit the studio to create Unnatural World in the summer of 2016, “I feel so many different music styles which is why I can’t commit to just one.”

What makes the musically diverse album even more unique is that Ciel’s lyrics cover a broad spectrum of common universal topics such as the digital era, online dating, love, self-reflection and social issues. While the gothic single Unnatural World forecasts a grim outlook of a distant digital future, Better Do Yourself Up tells a humorous tale of online dating done in a pop-rap style. The second album track Streets of New York is what Ciel considers to be an accurate portrayal of realistic life in Manhattan- one that is often misunderstood by tourists. This new wave/punk style song is full of urban sounds which include sirens and an MTA worker directing a crowd of frustrated commuters. The album also features a hypnotic dark rendition of Blondie’s Call Me set to a gothic/industrial atmosphere.

Ciel Gloss has released three singles to her forthcoming debut album Unnatural World.